An Odyssey Of Life Well-Lived And Well-Loved

The colourful biography of Tunku Abdul Rahman: founding father of Malaysia, beloved prince from Kedah, and the "happiest Prime Minister".

This book convincingly states that there is little doubt over the significant role played by Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia's history. It offers a comprehensive account of Tunku's life, both personal and political. lt studies Tunku's life from his childhood, education and his eventful adulthood to his political ups and downs, his struggles as a private citizen and his enormous contributions to the nation, the Malays and lslam. It convincingly argues that, contrary to belief among certain quarters, it is the Tunku who not only defended but also installed the special position and privileges of the Malays as a fundamental criteria in the formation of the Federation of Malaya.

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University of Malaya Press

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